What should I know before starting a project with Sensato?

We provide you with fundamental information that will help you understand if we are what you are looking for. If the idea you have in mind meets these minimum key requirements, we may be able to help you.

We create complete projects

This means that we apply our work process to the idea of ​​our clients, which includes stages of: product design, testing and then development. For example: If to carry out your idea you only need to hire the Development stage, we are not the best fit for your project. At Sensato we believe that in order to provide solutions that solve our client's problem in depth and obtain the best results, it is necessary to cover projects from start to finish.

Financial aspects

Blockchain projects are expensive due to high market demand and low availability of resources as it is a relatively new technology. You must have an adequate budget for what you want to develop and meet the expectations of the project. A complete project can oscillate between 80k - 150k, so an initial product will be obtained to go to market and be able to continue scaling from it.

We seek long-term partnerships

We believe in long-term partnerships. We like to accompany projects and make sure that maintenance and new implementations are carried out correctly and guarantee good product growth.

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